Without doubt the number 1 garbage chute cleaning company in the country, Turbo Chute Australia was founded in 1999 on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and is known as Gold Coast Chute Cleaning and Brisbane Chute Cleaning. It offers Australia's first garbage chute cleaning service. Since starting it has performed over 3000 successful cleans in hundreds of high-rise buildings around South-East Queensland.

After trialing various hydro jet systems which were found lacking in their ability to clean garbage chutes properly Turbo Chute Australia has tested and developed a patented and high-tech system specifically tailored to handle the garbage chutes of each and every building.


"Since Gold Coast Chute Cleaning commenced cleaning the rubbish chute we have experienced a clear improvement in the cleanliness/ hygiene of that area and no offensive smells in the foyers or the refuse rooms throughout the building."