Chute Services Australia

Australia chute cleaning services is a necessary step to prolonging the life of your machine and should be a part of a preventative maintenance schedule. As safety is very important to us, we employ the “Lock-out Tag-out” system. Only when confirmation is given that the fire system is put on “test” will our trained personnel enter inside the compactor to dry clean it using a hand scraper.

The Industry Leader in Waste Equipment Cleaning

After being a pioneering force in the waste equipment industry, we know exactly what it takes to thoroughly clean and sanitize this equipment. Over time, dirty flammable sludge builds up and adheres to the insides of the compactor while releasing noxious odors and methane gases.

Before it’s time to use the power washer, we cover all electrical equipment and de-grease the compactor. Then we thoroughly pressure wash inside the compactor and surrounding area. Once completed, we neutralize excess odors with our products, leaving a fresh and clean scent.

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is used to describe situations in which building occupants experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be identified.

Chute Services Australia

Chute Services Australia

Regardless of the height of your building, we have the appropriate equipment to complete the job. Using a 12″ or 14″ chute cleaner, we descend from the top floor to the bottom. This chute cleaner is hooked up to our 3500 psi power washer. Heavy duty (environmentally friendly and biodegradable) degreasers and odor control products are used in the cleaning process. Inspections of chute liner, fire damper & garbage chute door flaps can be performed per request by Gold Coast chute cleaning cleaners.


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Detail of chute doors and full walls can be performed per request.

Waste Bin & Tote Cleaning

Bins like compactors are, initially, dry cleaned. The interior and exterior is then hand scraped. Following the dry cleaning, a high pressure power wash takes place using heavy duty (environmentally friendly and biodegradable) degreasers. Once completed, we neutralize excess odors with our products, leaving a fresh and clean scent.

The Chute Services Australia Approach

  • Chute blockage Service
  • Our trained technicians have the equipment and ability to clear the toughest chute blockages.

We are the leaders in the service and maintenance of garbage, recycling and linen chutes in Australia. Our business combines the chute services in Australia of garbage and recycling chutes together with service of all of the components of chutes and their collection system, to provide a total integrated service solution for Owners Corporations, Managers, Building Manager, and Facilities Managers.

What We Do

Rubbish chute cleaning Brisbane are the industry experts when it comes to the service and maintenance of garbage chutes, intake doors, hopper doors and compaction equipment.

We are also proud to offer a cleaning service to garbage chutes and compaction equipment that is second to none.

  • Chute Inspections
  • As either a stand-alone service or at the completion of the cleaning process is able to offer
  • Chute cleaning
  • Garbage chutes can create a major odour problem in multi-storey apartment buildings.

Our trained technicians have the technical know-how and access to a broad range of spare parts to keep your building assets functioning as they should.

Garbage chute Australia specialists offer a scheduled service for compaction equipment, which includes an intake and hopper fire door inspection that complies with the Australian Standard keeping you and your building compliant with your essential services obligations.

Why Clean a Garbage Chute?

A World Health Organization report suggested up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be subject of complaints related to poor indoor air quality.

  • Chute and Associated Equipment Maintenance
  • We carry out scheduled maintenance and breakdown

Cleaning your garbage chute is an important part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic garbage system. We recommend that periodic chute cleaning be used in conjunction with our company’s germ and odour control systems. This is because there are two different sources of garbage odours and airborne pathogens within a typical refuse chute;

1. Firstly, are the odours and pathogens which are continually sucked up your garbage chute from the decaying waste in your rubbish bins or compactor?

2. Secondly, are the odours and pathogens which become airborne as a result of having a build up of soiling inside the garbage chute.

How to address the two sources of garbage odours in your chute:

Chute Cleaning Australia is our range of air purifying systems to provide 24/7 germ and odour control within garbage chutes, garbage rooms and garbage compactors. Because garbage chutes have a natural ‘up-draft’ (hot air rising), the odours and pathogens from within the bins or compactor can travel up through the chute, and escape throughout the building.

24/7 Garbage Chute Deodorizer services by equipment is usually installed at the base of your garbage chute, and provides continuous deodorization and control for airborne pathogens at the source of the bins. By targeting the source of those odours, the air can be treated before it has a chance to cause odour issues by escaping the chute and entering the building.

Garbage Chute Cleaning

Professional chute cleaners will use specialized equipment to remove the dirt and grime that builds up on the inside walls of the garbage chute itself.

The recommended period of time between chute cleans will vary; depending on the number of apartments using each chute, the climate in your State, and your buildings clientele.

  • Chute repairs, replacement and modification
  • Garbage, recycling, and linen chutes sometimes require alteration.

As a guideline, most professionals recommend cleaning your refuse chute between 2 and 4 times per year. These cleans may be spread evenly throughout the year, but some buildings will find a benefit in arranging their chute cleaning so that there is a higher proportion of cleans in the warmer months.

Why is garbage chute cleaning important?

Garbage/trash chutes have a naturally occurring up-draft (similar to a chimney). This causes unhealthy odors and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls to become airborne. These airborne pathogens and odours then enter public areas as residents open the chute doors and dispose of their rubbish. Garbage chute cleaning should be used in conjunction with an effective and 24/7 germ and odour control solution.

How is your rubbish chute cleaned?

Chute cleaning requires specialized equipment, and it is near impossible to do an effective job unless you have the right tools. In most cases, a specifically designed high-pressure cleaning system will be lowered down your refuse chute – where it will remove the sludge build-up on the internal lining.

Generally, a good Australia chute cleaning contractor will also clean around the rubbish chute doors on each floor of your building, as well as thoroughly cleaning the inside of your garbage room.

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