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Garbage chutes in residential high-rise buildings need regular, specialized cleaning to maintain required standards of hygiene, pest and odour control. The entire garbage chute from the hopper doors through to the rubbish compacter and bins must be fully cleaned to eliminate bad odours, remove disease-carrying germs and prevent pests from entering the building.

Garbage Chute Cleaning and Deodorising specialist, has the high-pressure cleaning equipment and manpower to provide your building with a complete garbage chute cleaning service, from regular scheduled cleans through to emergency unblocking of garbage chutes.

Our cleaning services cover:

♣ External hopper doors
♣ Garbage chute interiors
♣ Rubbish compactor
♣ Wheelie bins
♣ Trash room

Thorough cleaning and unblocking of high-rise garbage chutes with the latest high-pressure cleaning equipment and eco-friendly but highly effective sanitary cleaning solutions.

Chute Cleaning Brisbane & Gold Coast Australia

Garbage Chute Australia

In many high rise offices and residential tower blocks, refuse chutes provide a convenient means of waste disposal. The design and height of the waste chutes often make them extremely difficult to clean or keep hygienic, resulting in them becoming a health hazard within the premises.

Australia refuse chute cleaning services are in constant use and deal with large amounts of waste every day. This waste can accumulate on the sides of the chute leading to potential blockages occurring and the buildup of unpleasant offensive odours and bacteria developing. These deposits can also encourage pest infestations.


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Refuse Chute Cleaning Service Features:

♣ Reduces risk of blockages

♣ Eliminates unpleasant odours and bacteria

♣ Improves and maintains hygiene standard of waste chute

We offer a cost effective expert refuse chute cleaning and disinfection service that utilizes advanced equipment and chemicals to ensure all aspects of the chute are fully cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. This process ensures all unpleasant odors and bacteria are totally eliminated with minimal disruption to your premises.

Trash Chute Cleaning in Australia Services also provides an advanced bin store cleaning and disinfection service to fully ensure your waste disposal procedure is clean and hygienic. As a result, refuse chutes require regular cleaning to be carried out. This ensures any waste inside the chute is removed helping to keep the chute clear, hygienic and fresh smelling.

Chute Cleaning is an important part of a building’s maintenance. Bin chutes that are not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis can become a fire hazard! By high-pressure cleaning and de-greasing, using rotating jets we can effectively clean your bin chutes. The spinning jets are safely winched up through the center of the chute cleaning in a circular motion.

Oils, fats and other flammable by-products of waste can build up on the inside of refuse chutes. If not cleaned and professionally maintained, the dirty bin chutes can contribute to a foul-smelling environment and also become a health hazard if not maintained properly.

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 We use purpose-built rotating jet attachments which are lowered slowly from the top of the chute to the bottom. Using degreasers and deodorizers combined with high-pressure hot water jet washing from our mobile cleaning units, we can safely and effectively clean the inside of the bin tunnel ensuring a clean bin chute and a nicer environment for residents to live in.

All wastewater and contaminants are contained, removed from the site and disposed of at our site in accordance to Trade effluent regulations. Chute Cleaning Contractors In Australia provide the total solution to dirty, smelly bin refuse chutes. We provide risk assessments and method statements and have full public and employers liability.

We provide professional service’s which include;

♣ Bin hopper cleaning,
♣ Bin store/ bin chamber cleaning
♣ Commercial bin cleaning.

With the ever-increasing spotlight and changes made to Fire Regulations and Health and Safety Law, it is even more important to ensure that your Bin Chutes are maintained on a regular basis. Often carrying large amounts of waste, these chutes can often incur blockages from waste accumulating on the side and foul-smelling odours being emitted. This, in turn, can become a breeding ground for bacteria and encourage pest infestations.

Using the latest technology available, Bin Chutes cleaning Contractors Australia team are able to carry out extensive deep cleans to chutes of all heights for both residential and commercial properties, leaving them hygienic and smelling fresh!

Garbage chute in Australia is not the only service we offer for bin chutes. It is imperative to have the fire safety mechanisms serviced at regular intervals to ensure that if required, they can function as designed. If maintenance is neglected, the fire closure plates at the bottom of the chute could fail to deploy effectively in the event of a fire.

Garbage chute cleaning makes waste removal safe and easy on the environment

Garbage chute cleaning is something that many apartment buildings, office buildings, and other commercial sites neglect, creating a risky environment for tenants. When building tenants discard their stinky garbage into a garbage chute, bags regularly open or rip. These results in wet, stinky garbage sticking to the inner walls, and dry garbage sticking to the wet garbage, creating breeding sites for cockroaches, flies, and odour problems.

Additionally, these chutes have a naturally occurring updraft (similar to a chimney) that produces airborne odours and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls. These airborne pathogens and odours then enter public areas as tenants open the chute doors and dispose of their garbage.

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