Garbage Chute Cleaning In Brisbane

Cleaning your garbage chute is an important part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic garbage system. Australia Refuse Chute Cleaning recommend that periodic chute cleaning be used in conjunction with our garbage chute cleaning germ and odor control systems. This is because there are two different sources of garbage odours and airborne pathogens within a typical refuse chute;

Garbage Chute Cleaning and Deodorising

Firstly, are the odors and pathogens which are continually sucked up your garbage chute from the decaying waste in your rubbish bins or compactor?

Secondly, are the odors and pathogens which become airborne as a result of having a buildup of soiling inside the garbage chute?

How to address the two sources of garbage odors in your chute:

The Garbage Chute Cleaning and Deodorising Brisbane have a huge range of air purifying systems to provide 24/7 germ and odor control within garbage chutes, garbage rooms, and garbage compactors.

Garbage Chute Cleaning In Brisbane

Garbage Chute Cleaning In Brisbane

Because garbage chutes have a natural ‘up-draft’ (hot air rising), the odours and pathogens from within the bins or compactor can travel up through the chute, and escape throughout the building.We provide 24/7 accessibility through our in-house call center and can escalate any emergency within our internal structural protocols.


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24/7 Garbage Chute Deodoriser

The garbage chute cleaning equipment is usually installed at the base of your garbage chute, and provides continuous deodorization and control for airborne pathogens at the source of the bins. By targeting the source of those odours, the air can be treated before it has a chance to cause odour issues by escaping the chute and entering the building.

Garbage Chute Cleaning

Professional chute cleaners will use specialized equipment to remove the dirt and grime that builds up on the inside walls of the garbage chute itself.

The recommended period of time between chute cleans will vary; depending on the number of apartments using each chute, the climate in your State, and your buildings clientele.

As a guideline, most Trash Chute Cleaning Service Brisbane professionals recommend cleaning your refuse chute between 2 and 4 times per year. These cleans may be spread evenly throughout the year, but some buildings will find a benefit in arranging their chute cleaning so that there is a higher proportion of cleans in the warmer months.

Garbage/trash chutes have a naturally occurring up-draft (similar to a chimney). This causes unhealthy odours and bacteria from inside the refuse chute walls to become airborne. These airborne pathogens and odors then enter public areas as residents open the chute doors and dispose of their rubbish.

Why is garbage chute cleaning important?

Garbage chute cleaning should be used in conjunction with an effective and 24/7 germ and odor control solution, such as the garbage chute cleaning. The garbage chute cleaning system, whilst very effective, is not a replacement for regular garbage chute cleaning. The two should be used in conjunction to address both sources of odors and germs within your refuse chute.

How is your rubbish chute cleaned?

Fresh Aire Duct Cleaning Brisbane requires specialized equipment, and it is near impossible to do an effective job unless you have the right tools. In most cases, a specifically designed high-pressure cleaning system will be lowered down your refuse chute – where it will remove the sludge build-up on the internal lining.

Generally, a good chute cleaning contractor will also clean around the rubbish chute doors on each floor of your building, as well as thoroughly cleaning the inside of your garbage room.

Our Solutions Keep Us Accountable

We provide comprehensive quality assurance and project documentation, collected through our technicians’ hand-held technology. All current and historical project data are accessible by you through our web-based customer portal.

Benefits of Trash Chute Cleaning:

♣ Utilizes proprietary 210 degree steam and hot water treatment
♣ Eliminates odors, germs and disease
♣ Abolishes a major breeding ground for vermin, roaches and rodents
♣Includes a powder-dusting of chutes and compactors with insecticides by a licensed exterminator
♣ Offers maintenance agreements with quarterly dusting and deodorizing services

Keeping your building clean and safe is our priority here, but we also want your building to smell pleasant. Garbage chute systems often can create unpleasant aromas which can permeate walls and hallways of a residential building and create a headache for everyone who lives and works there.

We provide quality Rubbish chute cleaning Brisbane service. The garbage chute in Australia system comprises of a high powered, remotely operated jet cleaning system with a specialized rotating washer head.The operative will set up the cleaning system which is then winched to the top floor of the tower block, the rotating washer head is connected to the high-pressure system delivering a constant jet of steam at up to 350 bar pressure.

The rotating washer head is lowered by the skilled operator using a winch down the waste disposal chute, where the rotating washer head delivers high-pressure steam cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the chute as it descends.

Any residual waste/water is washed down the chute and collected into the refuse container placed underneath. The waste is then emptied into our specialist bin cleaning vehicle.

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